Shea Vehicle Wraps: Advertise in Fleets

If you’re located in the SoCal area and notice transits wrapped with Shea Family Care branding, that was us. In fact, Rightlook Creative has created a fleet of vehicle wraps for Shea Family, with over a dozen vehicles wrapped thus far.


From the design to the actual application of the wrap onto a vehicle, Rightlook Creative has created a streamlined method for vehicle wraps. Our designers and project managers initially work with you to generate ideas of how you would like the final result to look like. What are your goals with the vehicle wrap? Is it to attract attention or just simply provide contact information? Don’t have any ideas of your own? No problem. Our designers can mock up several options to wet your appetite.

Once the design is complete and approved, we take the effort to use quality materials and techniques to ensure that the printed wrap is of the best quality and can last for years to come. We then utilize experienced vehicle installers who can expertly wrap anything from giant RV’s, to luxury vehicles, and even cranes. Yes, we’ve even wrapped cranes which you can check out here.


In the case of Shea Family Care, we were able to create an entire fleet of wrapped vehicles – perfect for the often mobile company driving their patients to and fro rehabilitation and assisted living centers. Not only does the company vehicles represent the branding of the company but it also represents an aspect of what the company does.

To learn more about our vehicle wrap production services, click here.

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