Magnifico: Behind the Scenes

The end result of a photo shoot always looks so glamorous and at Rightlook Creative, the photo shoot for the sparkling champagne Magnifico was just as luxe. Magnifico offers affordable luxury with unparalleled style with its delicious and innovative line of essence infused champagne. It takes hard work and a fine eye with an attention to detail to ensure the clients are presented with images that represent their brand.

Check out our behind the scenes look at our Magnifico photo shoot below.

Magnifico, right?

From prepping the models, to site selection, to ensuring that ultimately Magnifico is selling not only their luxurious champagne but the lifestyle as well, Rightlook Creative always had the client’s goals in mind. Magnifico isn’t just for celebration, it is the sparkling finish for any occasion. With the right models and a focused direction, Rightlook Creative was able to capture the essence of Magnifico.

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