Magnifico: Behind the Scenes

The end result of a photo shoot always looks so glamorous and at Rightlook Creative, the photo shoot for the sparkling champagne Magnifico was just as luxe. Magnifico offers affordable luxury with unparalleled style with its delicious and innovative line of essence infused champagne. It takes hard work and a fine eye with an attention to detail to ensure the clients are presented with images that represent their brand.

Check out our behind the scenes look at our Magnifico photo shoot below.

Magnifico, right?

From prepping the models, to site selection, to ensuring that ultimately Magnifico is selling not only their luxurious champagne but the lifestyle as well, Rightlook Creative always had the client’s goals in mind. Magnifico isn’t just for celebration, it is the sparkling finish for any occasion. With the right models and a focused direction, Rightlook Creative was able to capture the essence of Magnifico.

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The Design Behind The Wrap

From the initial concept to execution, Rightlook Creative delivers in all points of creating a vehicle wrap. Whether it’s for fun or function, vehicle wraps provide the easiest way to customize your vehicle, and as a mobile billboard, vehicle wraps are highly visible whether it’s parked or on the go.

Check out the video below with one of Rightlook Creative’s designers, Randy, as he explains the start to finish process of a vehicle wrap.

By just starting with a logo design, Rightlook Creative can build a completely branded line of marketing collateral for your business including websites, brochures, apparel, and in this case even a vehicle wrap.

This vehicle wrap in particular stands out even more because of its matte finish. While the look is deliberately flat, the design still manages to demand attention while delivering the information customers want and need to know.

With years of expert design experience and an updated knowledge of vehicle wrap materials, Rightlook Creative is able to produce vehicle wraps beyond the norm.

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Shea Vehicle Wraps: Advertise in Fleets

If you’re located in the SoCal area and notice transits wrapped with Shea Family Care branding, that was us. In fact, Rightlook Creative has created a fleet of vehicle wraps for Shea Family, with over a dozen vehicles wrapped thus far.


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How to Make Testimonial Videos: A Five Step Guide to the Ultimate Marketing Tool

When it comes to selling a product or service, nothing adds credibility to your business like a completely third party recommendation.

It’s the same reason customers turn to friends, family, and even complete strangers for buying advice: so they can cut through the sales pitches, the buying pressure, and the marketing to get an honest opinion from someone who has no incentives to sell.

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To Go Brands TV Spot

We recently completed a new video project for To Go Brands’ new product, Vita Rocks. Vita Rocks are basically a kids multivitamin in Pop Rocks form and kids go nuts when their daily dose of vitamins start to pop and fizz in their mouths.

Start to Finish Video Production Services

To alert kids and mom’s everywhere that there was a new, fun way to eat your vitamins, To Go Brands hired Rightlook Creative to create and original TV spot from start to finish. We can create unique video content from start to finish, with in-house services including initial concept, script writing, storyboard, actor selection, shooting and directing, and editing, production, and formatting. See the finished product in all it’s vitamin enriching, tongue-tickling glory below:

Vita Rocks TV Spot:

This particular ad is set to run on select stations in the Arizona area, but the video content will also be used to promote Vita Rocks on the web. We can’t emphasize the power of video content for reaching customers. Whether it’s a complete formatted TV spot, or just a short web promotion for your homepage, you can turn to Rightlook Creative for professional, original video content that sends the right message to your customers.

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