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GS Axe is website which facilitates the online sales of guitars for rock legend Gene Simmons while on tour. Fans can visit the website to purchase autographed bass guitars, customized art plates, or a meet and greet with Gene Simmons himself.

The Challenge:

When KISS went on tour in 2010, Gene wanted to sign and sell the bass guitars he used so that die-hard fans could pay to have their very own Gene Simmons Axe handed to them by the demon himself at the show. Since the project was independent of KISS, Gene came to us to develop a fresh brand and marketing program that rocks as hard as he does.

With a name so closely associated with an established brand (KISS), our greatest challenge was to define GS Axe as a unique brand that maintained a celebrity style, centered on the sales of the signed guitars, and that hit home with the fans to buy them.

Services Provided:

New Brand
Brochures, Flyers
& Print Materials
Signs, Banners

The Solution:

To make GS Axe its own brand, we created a look fit for a rock star, avoiding imagery associated directly with KISS, while maintaining the dark, fiery persona of “the demon”. For a personal feel, we used a stylized image of the signature for the logo, and the two guitar models, “AXE” and “Punisher”.

We then applied all of this to graphics for his tour bus, a multi-faceted website, and print materials to be used in the 2010 KISS tour. To drive guitar sales, we also took high quality photos and videos of the guitars. When the tour went European, we repurposed materials to reach an international audience.

The website was very successful and guitar sales were a smash with fans around the globe.

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