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Lavaggio wanted to build something special with a business that elevates auto detailing to a new level of quality. Today, Lavaggio defines ‘the art of auto detailing’ with meticulous service and a lavish facility reminiscent of a roman palace. Their goal is to provide exceptional service and luxury-car-quality detailing no matter what customers are driving.

the challenge:

Lavaggio wanted to reflect their high-class level of service with marketing that demonstrated superiority without alienating owners of non-luxury vehicles. They had an existing logo and static website, but they couldn’t find a message that welcomed the average vehicle owner.

After working through other marketing services, Lavaggio came to us for consultation on telling the story of the business they had worked so hard to build.

Working with the materials they had, our challenge was to rebrand their image by repositioning and editing existing content to get Lavaggio the look they were searching for.

Services Provided:

Branded Website
Brochures, Flyers
& Print Materials
Email Marketing
Search Engine
Signs, Banners
& Pop Displays

The Solution:

To accomplish their goals, we gave Lavaggio a professional, welcoming personality that offered high-quality auto detailing for anyone.

We designed a new, interactive website and made sure to advertise a variation of car makes and models to match their varied customer base. Images of customers lounging and enjoying free computer access while waiting let people know that Lavaggio provides added comfort, not added cost.

A graphic-rich social media program, and print materials were used to spread the word, and their new message set them apart in level of quality while letting customers know you don’t need a high-class budget to enjoy luxury service.

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