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Letter from the President

I founded Rightlook Creative in 2008 with the goal of helping businesses navigate today’s complex and ever-changing world of marketing.

With a dynamic, well-versed team of marketers, we help companies drive sales, increase conversions, and enhance brand awareness through the latest design and marketing strategies. As a lifetime entrepreneur, I understand the needs of business owners and created a company that I would want to do business with.

No marketing dollar should ever be untracked or wasted. That’s why everything we do is ROI-driven and trackable. Through innovative techniques, we help businesses experience growth they never thought possible and distance themselves from their competition.

In the spirit of growth,

Stephen Powers
President & Founder

What We Do:

today marketing

You don’t have the time to become a marketing expert, so we did it for you.

Rightlook Creative is a dynamic group of creative professionals dedicated to helping companies drive sales through powerful, coordinated marketing strategies we call Today Marketing.

Today Marketing utilizes the latest cutting edge marketing strategies and proven traditional tactics which when combined create a powerful ROI-driven marketing initiative.

The marketing landscape changes almost daily and the businesses that thrive are the ones that adapt and utilize current tools to drive sales, bolster revenue and get a leg-up on the competition.

Great Marketing Starts With A Great Team

Rightlook Creative is dynamic team of skilled marketing professionals, each with a particular expertise. Together, we are capable of producing professional, high-effect marketing through traditional mediums, print, video, and all of the latest web marketing outlets. With a strong focus on ROI, we can craft your identity and promote your business so you can convert more leads into customers. Whether you need just one, or many of our powerful marketing services, we’ve got you covered.


The Marketing Director is responsible for planning individual marketing efforts to develop a unified marketing campaign. Once the marketing plan is developed, the Marketing Director oversees the Rightlook Creative team to ensure marketing goals are being addressed and executed to produce the most effective results.


The Creative Director watches over every aspect of the creative process, checking for standards of quality and consistency from every member of the creative team. This involves such tasks as matching design with copy, optimizing user experience, and making sure all creative materials are loyal to each client’s particular brand and message.


The Project Management team follows all projects to completion and maintains communication between clients and ensures every project is completed on schedule while meeting the client’s expectations. Project Management handles any client questions or requests and consistently provides updates throughout the project.


The Graphic Design team has mastered the art of using impressive design to attract and connect with people. Rightlook Creative designers have the skills to produce styled layouts and clean graphics in print and digital format for a unique look that makes a lasting impact while matching and enhancing the particular brand or service.


The Content Development team crafts engaging language that complements design elements and voices a strong and consistent message. This team also positions marketing materials according to a specialized content strategy, which involves search engine optimization, blog content, content marketing, analytics, and online paid advertising.


The Programming department takes design, copy, and video and translates it into a web or other digital format. Whatever the digital project, the Programming team makes sure all the graphics lay out as designed, all the content is placed appropriately, and that all websites are coded to be friendly for both users and search engines.


To capitalize on the growing popularity of video content online, videographers and digital video editors are also staffed for production of polished video content. The video editor works in conjunction with design and content development teams to produce engaging videos and is prepared to edit and enhance video content.

Online Advertising

The Online Advertising Management team is responsible for the initial setup and ongoing management of all advertising accounts. This team creates reports and optimizes accounts for conversions on a regular basis. They work closely with the design and content development teams to ensure creative and copy coincide with advertisements.


The Photography department is responsible for providing high quality imagery for both print and digital materials such as brochures, catalogs, and websites. The photographers shoot and edit photos and work along side the Creative Director to ensure each image integrates into the project and is consistent the client’s existing branding.

full service marketing under one roof

With an in-house design studio, development team, large format and standard printing capabilities, video suite, and photography studio, Rightlook Creative has everything you need to take your marketing to the next level, all under one roof.

  • Design. Go
  • Promote. Go
  • Convert. Go
When I found Rightlook Creative they helped me to put together this vision and I believe it’s going to bring us so many more customers and calls. The team really understood exactly what I was explaining. It was really simple!
Denelle Curry Kamp K9
Rightlook Creative has done a spectacular job on helping us develop and mature our brand. They’ve done a phenomenal job, these guys are experts. They really know how to understand your business and then take it to the next level.
Charles Bonfiglio Tint World
Rightlook Creative gave us exactly what we were looking for. Both the project manager and the creative team were easy to work with, and very responsive to all of our needs. I would highly recommend Rightlook Creative.
Gudrun Mason ASC Process Systems, Inc.
Just had a new customer come in who said she found us on a Google search, went to our website and decided to come to us because our website looked better than the others. Great job everyone!
Jerry Taylor Rob’s Car Wash

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